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Psychological Damage As Part Of A Personal Injury Case

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If you are involved in a personal injury case, don't understate the value of psychological injuries as part of your claim. Being injured can bring up some difficult and significant emotions or psychological illnesses. 


Anxiety is something that may affect you after a severe injury. You may find yourself reflecting back on the day of your injury with fear, or you may have an inexplicable sense of fear going forward. After an injury, it's quite possible that you have a more fearful outlook on the world, as you now see that something terrible could happen to you without warning. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a potential outcome of personal injuries that are traumatizing to you, and it's an important symptom to treat with a medical professional's help. 


Depression and low moods are another potential fallout from your accident. A number of concrete, real-world consequences of your injury can lead to lower moods and potentially depression. For instance, if you need to take time off work, then you may lack a sense of meaning in your time as you recover. This is especially true if you are physically injured and unable to participate in other activities you enjoy; it can greatly affect the quality of your life. 

Lost Self-Esteem

Self-esteem can also disappear if you are unable to walk, clothe, bathe yourself, or cook your own meals. You may not want others to see you in this condition, leading to social isolation as well. 


All of the above psychological factors can contribute to changing relationships with your loved ones. And some physical or mental injuries can cause a permanent loss of relationships if the strain is severe. Loss of consortium is a significant problem in personal injury cases. 

How to Prove Psychological Injuries

If you want to seek compensation for some of your psychological injuries, you'll need to show that they are significant and that they are related to your injury. To show that they are significant, seek the help of a mental health professional --such as a counselor, therapist or psychiatrist-- as soon as you can. They will help to document your psychological illnesses in a professional way. Hopefully, you start psychological treatment soon after your accident so that the causation is clear. Your personal injury lawyer can also help to argue for the significance of these injuries in court. Arguing for your own emotional injuries can be challenging, but having a third party advocate for you makes the process much smoother. 


5 July 2016