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Signs That You Have A Fighting Chance For Your DUI Charge

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When charged with driving under the influence (DUI), one of the first things that most people want to know is the strength of the case against them. Even before talking to a DUI lawyer, the following signs should tell you that you have a good chance of fighting your charges:

You Have Good Witnesses

Witnesses are always important to any criminal case, including DUIs. In the case of a DUI charge, you will want a witness who can testify that you hadn't been drinking (or had only taken a sip) in the hours leading up to your arrest.

For example, if you are stopped when driving home from an Oktoberfest festival, it is easy for the officers to assume that you have been drinking, since beer drinking is a major part of the festivals. However, you can disengage yourself from the charges by unveiling witnesses who can confirm that you were in the celebrations just to take in the sights and sounds, but not to drink. Perhaps you only took a sip of a foreign beer at the festival; getting people to testify to that can also work to your advantage.

The Main Evidence against You Is the Result of a Urine Test

Any test that measures the level of alcohol in the body has a margin of error. However, of the three common tests (blood, breath, and urine) that the authorities use, urine is the most unreliable. Therefore, your chances of getting your case dismissed are higher if you had a urine test than if you had the other two tests. Here are two reasons why the test isn't that accurate:

  • People don't have the same alcohol in their urine and blood after drinking; for some people, the urine content is higher than the blood content while the reverse is true for others.
  • A sample of your urine at any time is an accumulation of your urine contents from the last time you emptied your bladder; this means a current sample doesn't indicate the current level of alcohol in your blood.

You Were Not In Control of the Car

Although the "D" in DUI stands for driving, you don't have to be actually driving to be arrested and charged with the offense. You can be arrested and charged with DUI even if your car is parked. Fortunately, you have a better chance of beating the DUI charge if you weren't in control of the car at the time of your arrest than if you were controlling it. For example, if you are sleeping in the car, you can argue that you were waiting to get sober or for another person to drive you home.

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26 September 2016