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Is Your Loved One Being Abused In A Nursing Home? What To Watch For

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When an older family member is staying in a nursing home, having suspicions of abuse can be troubling. Unfortunately, many people don't know what kinds of things to watch out for. If you want to keep your loved one safe, here are some of the things you should be attentive to when you visit.

Is Your Loved One's Weight Stable?

Between prescription medications and the effect of age on the senses, the elderly often lose the desire to eat. In a nursing home, the staff should be putting in the effort to ensure that your loved one is still getting the proper nutrition and fluids. When that doesn't happen as it should, the nutritional neglect leads to malnutrition and immunity threats. It can even lead to a severe deterioration. If you're seeing unexplained weight loss happening, it is a cause for concern.

Are There Incidents Of Falls?

When under nursing home care, it is the staff responsibility to ensure that your loved one is stable and protected. Frequent falls or serious falls with injury could be an indication of neglect on the part of the nursing home staff. Make sure that even seemingly minor falls are recorded in your loved one's records. These will be key to showing a pattern of neglect. In addition, even minor falls can cause injuries that may not be apparent until later. If you're seeing any falls occurring, it could be an indication of neglect by virtue of the fact that they are not providing sufficient mobility support.

Is Your Loved One Suffering With Bedsores?

Bedsores are typically the result of a combination of malnutrition and persistent pressure on the affected parts of the body. They typically occur after a loved one has been left to rest in the same position unattended for long periods.

These sores start as inflamed, red patches on the skin. They will progress if left untreated, ultimately becoming open wounds that can eventually expose bone. Patients who are receiving proper care and attention should not experience these types of sores and problems.

Has There Been Any Form of Restraint?

Restraints do have their place with some patients in nursing homes, particularly when they are combative or a serious fall risk. However, the excessive use of restraints when they aren't necessary could be considered abuse. It's important to remember, though, that this encompasses more than just physical straps used as restraints. It can also include tucking patients into bed so tightly that they cannot easily get out or sedating them heavily.

If you see any signs like this, it's important that you talk with a personal injury attorney right away.


19 April 2017