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Tips For Favorably Negotiating Your Child Custody Arrangement With Your Ex-Spouse

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If you are in the process of starting to divorce your spouse, then there are some things you can do to save both of you some time and some cash. While you should always consult with a divorce attorney when you are divorcing and have children involved, it is in your best interest that you and your ex-spouse follow each of these tips to make the process of negotiating your custody arrangement a lot easier and more successful for everyone involved:

Create Your Own Custody Arrangement 

Unless you are involved in a domestic violence situation with your ex-spouse and need to stay away for your own safety, it is always best if the two of you can get together and work out your own custody arrangement. If you leave this important aspect of your lives up to a court and a judge who doesn't really know much about your lives, then you take a risk that neither you nor your ex-spouse will like the results. A much better solution is to sit down together over coffee and agree to disagree about whatever is necessary to move on and finish making your own custody arrangement so you can both be happy.

Use Software to Help You Negotiate and Schedule Your Arrangement

You might be surprised to learn that companies have started to develop software programs that can help you and your ex-spouse to negotiate and schedule your child custody arrangement. You can use this type of technology product to put in your own schedule and that of your ex and then the software will give you suggestions for when each parent should have visitation during the week. When you are still negotiating your time and trying to set a reasonable schedule, software can help give you a plan that you can take to a judge for your legal custody order. 

Seek the Professional Assistance of Two Divorce Attorneys

Finally, since both you and your ex-spouse deserve to have someone fight for your rights in court during your divorce proceedings, you should both retain your own divorce attorneys. Even if you do not have issues that you are fighting about with your ex-spouse, such as money or who will live in the family home, it is always advisable to have professional help and someone on your side during divorce court proceedings.

Contact a law firm like Young Law Offices, PLLC if you have specific questions about creating a custody arrangement.


20 April 2017