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Three Things A Biological Father Needs To Do To Block Their Child's Adoption

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It's not biological mothers who determine whether to give up their children for adoption; the biological fathers have a say on the issue. Therefore, if you suspect that the biological mother of your child wants to give up the child for adoption, and you don't share their idea, there are measures you can take to block the adoption. First, you will need to do these three things:

Establish Paternity

You can't block a child's adoption if they aren't biologically yours. Therefore, if you haven't done so already, your first step should be to establish the child's paternity. Establishing paternity is the process of confirming that the child is biologically yours.

Normally, paternity is established voluntarily shortly after delivery when you put down your name as the father of the child or sign a paternity statement. You obviously didn't do that if you need to establish the paternity now, and the time limit for signing the statement may have expired. If that's the case, then the best way to establish paternity is to file a court order for a DNA paternity test, whose accuracy can be as high as 99.9%.

Support the Child Financially

You also need to show that you have taken the necessary steps to support both the child and the mother, mostly in financial terms. For example, you should help the mother take care of the delivery fees, chip in towards any post-delivery treatments and send child support for the child.

Of course, the mother might dispute all these if they want to give up the child for adoption. Therefore, you may need evidence in different forms such as financial statements, receipts, and witness' testimony.

Establish A Relationship with the Child

Being a parent is much more than providing financial support for your child. You also need to be physically and emotionally present for your child and establish a parent-child relationship with them. The parent-child relationship fosters the psychological and emotional development of the child.

Therefore, proving that you have a parent-child relationship with the child is also necessary if you wish to block their adoption. This means you should provide evidence of regular visits and communication with the child. For example, if you have been teaching the child how to ride a bike, going with them to school events and taking them out for treats, you can use the visits as evidence of your strong relationship.

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25 April 2017