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Were You Injured? Know How to Validate Your Claim

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When you are injured due to your own negligence, there is not much you need to do to document your injury. You seek medical treatment and try to recover the best that you can. However, injuries that are caused by another person require you to prove that you were injured if you plan to seek compensation for your losses. These tips can help validate your claim that you were injured.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

A common defense against a personal injury will be that your injury wasn't serious enough to require medical attention. This may be brought up during a settlement or in court there was a long time period between when the accident occurred and when you first received treatment. It's actually possible for the other party to claim that the injury you sustained happened somewhere between two events, and that you're now trying to claim the injury happened due to the original accident.

If you are injured due to someone else's negligence, you should always get yourself checked out by a doctor. Not only is it a good idea to be evaluated by a doctor for potential injuries, but it also shows that you are taking the accident seriously. These initial visits with a doctor can be used to show that you were actually injured at the time.

Document Everything

By the time that a personal injury case enters mediation, you could already be on the road to recovery. Injuries can heal, or have a substantial improvement, making them nowhere near as serious as they were at the time you were injured. That's why you must document everything related to your injury before healing begins.

In addition to regularly taking photos, you'll want to keep a journal to document the things that you cannot easily photograph. This includes your mental health, since it's possible to receive compensation for pain and suffering.

Continue All Treatments

Another way that a defense team could try to downplay your injury is by arguing that you are making the injury sound worse than it really is. This is done by showing that you did not continue treatment that was recommended by your doctor, or attend follow up visits regarding your injury. Always follow your doctor's advice, since deviating from it could show that their advice is no longer needed.

For more tips about validating your injury for a personal injury lawsuit, work with a lawyer at firms like Velde Moore Limited early on in the process to help you out.


5 May 2017