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When Bad Behavior In School Could Be A Sign Of A Learning Disability

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It is alarming when you are getting reports that your child is acting out at school. The teacher is telling you that your child is unhappy, does not want to play with his or her peers, and is unable to focus on any tasks. It is hard to believe this because your child is completely different at home. There has to be a reason for the change in behavior.

An explanation for the difference in behavior could be a learning disability. If your child is dyslexic, then the school has to provide a learning environment that he or she can succeed in.

What Is An IEP?

There are special education laws that protect children with disabilities and their parents. One of these laws are known as the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This law lays out children rights in special education. If you think that your child need help with school, then you can request an individualized education plan. An IEP is a document that is developed for every special needs student in the public school system. It is created through a team effort and updated periodically. However, it gets a little complicated when the school thinks a student just have behavioral problems.

When Someone Has A Noticeable Disability

There are two type of scenarios in which children need an IEP. Some children are born with conditions or diagnosed early for conditions that cause problems with learning. These conditions include autism and Down Syndrome. Children in these groups require special resources and tools to achieve the objectives for each grade.

When A Disability Has Not Been Diagnosed

If a child is acting out at school, then there is usually a reason for this behavior. It is even more of a problem when your child's school think he or she is just a trouble maker. A disability is not always visible. Dyslexia is one of those conditions that can go undetected. Children under the age of nine cannot be diagnosed with dyslexia. There are tests that diagnose children as early as four years old, but those diagnoses aren't always accepted by the school. A good time to test your child is when he or she is six months into second-grade. A diagnosis at this age is taken very seriously.

If you think your child is acting out because of a learning disability and your school is not helping, then it is time to contact a special education lawyer. Your lawyer can help you with getting testing to diagnose your child's condition. After finding out the problem, you can request an IEP to help your child excel in school.


19 May 2017