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Child Support And The Best Interests Of The Child

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Divorcing couples who feel confused about how to protect their children from the negative effects of divorce may have some guidance at the hands of the law. The courts have always taken a stern approach to the protection of minor children, and potentially contentious divorce issues are no exception. Parents who want to the do the right thing when it comes to ensuring that their child not suffer, at least economically, might want to take a look at how child support is regulated with the goal of ensuring that the best interests of the the child is taken into consideration. To learn more about some legally-mandated child support provisions, read on.

Making a federal (and state) case out of it

When it comes to divorce laws, states have the task of making and enforcing their own. Divorcing couples must abide by the laws of whatever state that they legally reside. Issues involving child support, however, are resolved using input from both federal and state laws.

Amount of child support ordered: State laws rule the amount of child support, but using federal guidelines. Since child support amounts are calculated using median state incomes, the amount will vary from state to state.

Punishments for non-support: In general, states set their own punishments and penalties for failure to pay child support as ordered, but in most cases these are similar from state to state and include:

  • Jail
  • Fines
  • Court costs
  • Property liens
  • Income tax refunds being applied to any arrears payments.
  • Being blocked from using government assistance programs like food stamps and section 8.
  • Having any funds from Social Security (SSDI or SSI) garnished for repayment. (you will likely have your usual amount of monthly payment reduced until the child support is caught up, but you will still receive a partial payment).
  • Salary garnishment

Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act: Among other rulings, this 1998 act makes moving from state to state to avoid paying child support a federal crime. No matter what state you move to, you will still be responsible for paying your child support obligation.

Help for those who cannot pay: Just ignoring your child support obligation won't work; the punishments and fines just increase the longer you allow the back payments to accrue. If you are having problems meeting your obligation, contact the enforcement agency in your area and make arrangements to get your account up to date. If you have had a permanent change in your job situation, you may need to request a modification hearing to have the support amount adjusted. Speak to a family law attorney for assistance in making this change. 

It may also be helpful to learn more about fathers rights and how they relate to child support.


31 May 2017