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Keeping It Out Of The Courts: Compensation Without Suing

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When you get injured because another person's carelessness or negligence, you might automatically think "lawsuit", but filing suit is not always the the only, or best, solution. Taking someone to court for their misdeeds is both expensive and time-consuming, so read on to learn about some easier and quicker methods to get compensated for your injuries.

Be demanding: There is a simple and very quick way to let the at-fault party know about your injuries, your damages and what you expect in the form of compensation. The demand letter is sent prior to filing suit, and allows the other side to evaluate the facts and make a decision to settle with you without going to court. The other side is very likely just as eager to make this situation go away as you are, and the cost saving can be considerable for them as well. You might want to include the following information in your demand letter; the better the letter the more likely the settlement offer:

  • The dollar amount you have spent, so far, on your medical expenses. Include this amount even if you have not had to actually pay any of the charges, since the settlement amount and the seriousness of your injury is based on your medical expenses.
  • Other damages, such as your car, lost wages from work, loss of personal property (such as cell phone).
  • The physical evidence you have at your disposal, such as accident reports, eye witnesses and videos.
  • Why the other party is at fault.
  • How much you are asking to be paid to drop the case and not take it to court (go high to allow for negotiations).

File An Accident Report: If you've been injured at a business, you should assume that this business has insurance that is available to "pay you off". Report your accident to the manager or owner, seek medical treatment and keep all receipts. If possible, take some photos of the unsafe area that might have caused your accident as well as photos of your injuries.

File on Your Employer's Insurance Plan: Most employers have a workers' compensation insurance plan in place to cover those injured on the job, and the benefits are often quite valuable. You can expect to have your related medical expenses covered completely, and you will be paid a portion of your salary while you recuperate at home. If your injury turns out to permanent, the workers' comp carrier will offer you a lump sum settlement.

You can always speak to a personal injury lawyer to learn about other options, such as filing a case against the negligent party.


31 May 2017