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Do you know what is being done in your community to protect the citizens from crime? Do you have a crime-watch program? Is there a community website that lists the current investigations and events that may have recently occurred? Law enforcement officials can only do so much when it comes to protecting a community. If your community is not active in protecting itself, crime rates could rise and many residents could find themselves the target or victim of crimes. Visit my blog to find out what you can do as a community to lower crime rates and help the law enforcement officials do their jobs.

Protecting Corporate Interests: Why You Need A Team Of Lawyers

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When your company finally becomes incorporated and you decide to become a publicly traded business, there are dozens of legal issues of which you need to keep track. Since you cannot manage that many tasks on top of running the company, you need more than just a single corporate lawyer. You need a legal team. Here is why.

One Lawyer for Securities Law

You need one legal counselor for managing the securities of the company and those securities in which everyone invests to help the company grow and become profitable. A securities lawyer makes sure that the binding contract you sign to back other financial ventures is sound, and will create profits for employees that are part of the company investment and/or retirement plans. Additionally, if your company offers securities as a means of making profit, your securities lawyer helps you figure out the best legal approaches for creating, finding and selling securities.

One Lawyer to Defend Your Company

When you are successful, lawsuits are imminent. People will find something to sue you and your company for. You need a corporate defense lawyer on your team for these very moments. While it is important to have at least one lawyer for this job, a second one for the same purpose is a good idea, just in case your first lawyer is on vacation when a lawsuit begins.

One Lawyer to Manage Public Trading Issues

You will also need another lawyer to manage the day-to-day operations of public trading and any public trading issues that arise. This corporate lawyer makes sure that the company stocks are sold legally and valued properly. He or she signs contracts with Wall Street, chairpersons, board members, and those that buy large quantities of stock in the company. If there are some issues with company stock, stock sales, or valuation, this lawyer takes care of the situation for you.

One Lawyer to Rule Them All

Most corporations hire an entire corporate law firm, such as Carter & West Law, on retainer. Why? Because the owner of the firm keeps the rest of the lawyers in check and makes sure everyone is as professional as possible. This lawyer may also, from time to time, provide legal services and/or counsel when other members of your legal team are unavailable or do not have a point of reference from which to assist you or build your case. It is not unusual to have at least half a dozen lawyers on retainer for corporate law from the same firm when your company has reached the success level it has.


10 June 2017