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Understanding Worker's Compensation and Third-Party Claims for Retail Workers

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Getting injured at work can dramatically change your life. Not only are you missing out on your time at the job, but your future employment can also come into question based on your injuries. For many workers, getting worker's compensation is enough to cover their expenses, but there may be other charges or settlements to consider in a case.

If it is not just the company that you work for that is at fault, then you may need to seek a third-party claim through another liable party. These claims can become very complicated, so it's important to get the legal help that you need to get through the cases. If you work in the retail world, then there are many factors that can go into these claims. Learning about these claims and your options can make a huge difference in the compensation that you get.

Parking Lot Injuries

When working at a retail location, some of your duties may involve working in a parking lot. This includes gathering carts, picking up debris, or helping customers carry merchandise to a vehicle. During this time, an employee could be exposed to extra dangers and possible injuries. For example, a car reversing from the lot could hit an employee and cause injuries. If this is the case, then you may need the services of a worker's compensation lawyer to help you with a third-party claim. This claim can not only seek wages from your employer, but it might also earn you a settlement from the driver that caused the accident. 

Along with the general parking lot, there are other areas of the parking lot where injuries may occur. For example, if there is a delivery section of the retail business, then an accident cause by a delivery driver or service may make you entitled to a third-party claim. A lawyer can help separate these elements and ensure that your case is organized as needed.

Defective Items

As you work in retail, there are a number of tools and items that you will use on a daily basis. This includes cash registers, stocking tools, and other items like ladders or pallet transporters. In some cases, an injury may occur if these items are defective. You may experience electric shock, injury, or a fall due to this equipment. Because you used this equipment while on the job, you would be entitled to workers compensation, but you may also be entitled to a third-party claim. In this type of claim, a lawyer would seek damages from the manufacturing company that produced the defective product. This is an additional claim that can really bolster your settlement amount and help you get compensation while you're unable to work.

Other Employees

Retail businesses are often filled with dozens of employees that help run and manage the business. Human error is common and this is why you may deal with an injury that was caused by another employee. Depending on how the injury occurred, you may have a third-party claim on your hands that involves the employee that caused the injury. In these cases, it may include blatant negligence or actions that caused the injury. For example, an employee may have caused a spill and ignored it. If you slipped on that spill and got injured, then that employee may become part of a third-party claim. Another employee may also have not performed their job duties responsibly, ignored safety rules, and caused your injury because of it. A lawyer can use job reports and information to help build your case and start a third-party claim.

Contacting a lawyer is the first step in seeing if you have a possible case. Click here to continue reading more about worker's compensation.


27 June 2017