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Is It Worth It To Bring A Civil Case Against Someone The State Is Suing Criminally?

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Being the victim of a crime is distressing to say the least, and any legal remedies you can take advantage of are a big help. In several cases, a crime that is being prosecuted through criminal trials can also be the subject of a civil suit. But is it worth it to proceed with a civil case when a criminal case is already pending? In many cases, it is.

Restitution and Reimbursement

In a criminal case, you (the victim) don't have much say about what happens. Criminal cases are really the state suing the accused, and not you suing the accused, so you're not able to ask for specific damages. If there was a monetary component to your injuries, such as medical bills and lost income, a civil suit is the way to ask to be compensated for those costs. Even if you are awarded money after the criminal trial, you can still ask for more during the civil trial. This is not a guarantee that you'll get what you want, but it's a way to get more if you have a lot of bills to deal with as a result of the crime.

Punitive Damages

Civil suits also make it easier to punish the accused (if convicted) financially. Let's say the accused is also dealing with a criminal trial, but his or her lawyer may have found a technicality that would reduce punishment substantially if the accused is convicted. In a civil suit, you have the chance to ask the court to still convict and punish the accused right where it hurts—the wallet.

Plea Bargains

Another issue is that in a criminal trial, the accused can plea bargain and get a substantially reduced sentence. If the accused caused you a lot of trouble, a plea bargain can be a frustrating event because the accused appears to get off with a wrist slap while you have to deal with injuries, damaged property, or even a deceased relative. A civil suit, as will the aforementioned criminal technicality, can allow you to punish and get compensation from the accused no matter what happens with the criminal trial.

It is possible to lose a criminal case and win a civil case, and vice versa, and deciding to file a civil suit isn't something you should do alone. Talk to an attorney who has experience with civil trials to see if your case is one that stands a good chance of winning.


30 June 2017