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What You Should Know About Applying For Social Security Disability

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If you have a physical or mental health condition that has made it extremely difficult or downright impossible for you to work, you may be thinking about putting in an application for social security disability. Social security disability is a program that provides monthly compensation to an individual who has a severe disability. To qualify for social security disability, you have to have paid into the social security system by working in the past. However, other than that fact, you might not know much about the process of applying for social security disability. Get to know some of the facts you should know about applying for social security disability. Then, you can approach your application with a better understanding of what is to come. 

You Will Need Information About Your Doctors and Treatments

The social security disability application, whether you fill it out online or in-person with a social security representative, will ask you a great deal of information about the doctors you see for your condition (or have seen) as well as the treatments you receive. You will need to know the contact information for your doctors and other caregivers like therapists as well. 

Social security will contact your doctors directly asking them for information about the care they have provided you, their assessment of the extent of your disability, and what prognosis you have, in their opinion. As such, making sure you have the correct information for your doctors is vital. 

Your Application Will Take a While to Process

You will not get any immediate answers from the social security office after you file your application, as the application process takes several months to complete. The social security agent assigned to your case will need to contact you, any close family members you listed that can attest to your condition, your doctors, and other caregivers.

They will then need to compile all of the information and assess what they have been given. All of these steps take time and that time adds up. So, be patient after you apply for social security disability, as it is absolutely normal for this process to take a while. 

Application Denials Are Typical

When you finally do get your answer from social security about your disability application, it is not at all uncommon to receive a denial or a rejection rather than an approval. The requirements to be approved for social security disability are extremely stringent and strict. Because of this, if your doctor does not fully elaborate on a disabling aspect of your condition, or you or someone else forgets to send in supporting documentation, the claim can be denied. Be prepared to receive a denial the first time around. 

A Denial Is Not the End of the Story

Just because you receive a denial on your initial application does not mean that the process is over for you. You are entitled to appeal the decision. The initial appeal will essentially reopen your case for reevaluation. However, again, reevaluations are often denied again as no new information is brought into consideration. 

The next step is to have a hearing before a judge. Before you go into this stage of the appeals process, it is a good idea to get a social security lawyer to help you out. A social security lawyer will know what types of evidence and documentation needs to be brought into the hearing to make your case so that you should be receiving social security disability. They can also help you to better understand what will happen in the courtroom and what, if anything, you should say or do in court. 

Now that you know some of the important facts about applying for social security disability, you can better approach the process and know what to expect as you move forward. 


28 September 2018