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3 Helpful Legal Actions To Take After Sustaining A Severe Motorcycle Accident


Motorcycle accidents are never pretty. Since they don't protect your body like a traditional vehicle, your odds of sustaining significant injuries drastically go up. If you're involved in one of these incidents and are the innocent party, be sure to respond legally in the following ways. 

Seek Medical Treatment 

Whether you're pretty banged up or you only have minor scratches and bruises from the motorcycle accident, you need to seek medical treatment. Doing so will help document the severity of the accident and show exactly what it put you through.

Injury reports will be compiled by the treating doctor, and they can organize them if you plan on using them as evidence to strengthen your personal injury claim. Just make sure you tell the doctor your plans of pursuing legal action so they can take the necessary precautions to ensure this documentation goes smoothly.

Wait to Repair Your Motorcycle 

After this traumatic experience, you may want to just move on and get your bike repaired. You need to avoid doing this because it could hurt your personal injury claim. Instead, you need to leave your motorcycle in the same condition as it was left in after the accident so you can take pictures.

Then, you need to capture pictures of the motorcycle from all angles to show exactly what damaged occurred. Having this form of evidence proves the accident is real and helps you come up with a compensation amount, in addition to the compensation you'll be seeking for medical injuries.

Hire an Attorney 

You can certainly take the motorist who hit you to court alone, but you increase your odds of making a mistake. The best way to respond to one of these accidents is to hire an experienced and competent motorcycle accident attorney. First, they'll assess your side of the story and determine if pursuing legal action is worth your time and money. 

If they give you the green light, they'll start collecting evidence and gather any witnesses who may have saw the accident occur. These calculated efforts help build an effective case and ultimately maximize the compensation amount you can receive. With guidance from your attorney, you can speed up this entire legal process as well. 

Taking legal action after a significant motorcycle accident can seem scary, especially if you've never been hit by another motorist before. You can calm these nerves by taking calculated legal actions as soon as you can. Attorneys are always standing by as well to ensure justice is served and to help you recover financially. 


28 January 2019