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When More Help Is Needed With Your Workers' Compensation Settlement

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Most insurance and legal issues are far too important to regard casually. Once you sign your name on the paperwork, you should only do so with the certainty that you are doing the right thing. Thankfully, sometimes you might get more chances at getting the help you need from a work-related injury. Read to find out more about reopening your workers' compensation case.

What to Know About Settlements

When workers are hurt so badly during the course of their job that they become permanently disabled, they are entitled to a lump sum settlement. A good settlement is supposed to replace your salary until you retire, but in some cases, it falls short of expectations. As with all financial settlements, by signing, you are agreeing to hold no further claims on the defendant (or the workers' compensation insurance carrier). That means that you cannot go back and ask for more money later on. It's vital that you and your workers' compensation attorney negotiate to get the very best settlement possible.

Some Settlements Can Be Reopened

Workers' compensation is a mixture of private insurance with government oversight. That means that each and every state and insurance plan offered by your employer will be different. Many settlements cannot be reopened and altered once signed, but some can. When you are able to reopen a claim, you can only do so for very good reasons.

Good Reasons to Reopen a Claim

The following situations might allow you to reopen a claim if your settlement permits it:

1. Your case had to be decided by an administrative judge – If you were originally denied your claim and that decision was then overturned on appeal, your chances of reopening your claim is better due to the actions of the insurance carrier.

2. Fraudulent actions on the part of the insurance carrier.

3. Errors were made in the original settlement.

4. Your medical needs change. If you have encountered unexpected changes in your medical prognosis, you might be able to ask for more money for additional treatment.

Taking Action to Reopen the Case

Each state has its own procedure, but usually, you must make a request of your state's workers' comp board. Include your reasoning and any proof you have to back up the request. For example, you might include a letter from your doctor showing a change in your medical needs. One of the most important steps to take is securing the assistance of a workers' comp attorney to guild you through the process. You might have to begin the claim process all over again, and support will be necessary.


10 April 2019