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Two Reasons Why You Should Keep A Personal Injury Lawyer On Retainer

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Talking with a personal injury attorney can clear up so much for you. There are many situations in life that require legal guidance because, without it, you could make the wrong move and possibly lose out in a major way. The key to being able to access a lawyer on command is making them a priority. Find out why you should make a commitment to retaining a personal injury attorney today.   

Knowing When To Act Helps You Come Out On Top

If you take a moment to think back over your life there are probably several instances where you failed to act when you should have. Perhaps you didn't know you had legal recourse and let something slide that you really should have pursued. Because you didn't act within a certain period of time you probably missed out on the statute of limitations and were no longer able to pursue restitution.

For example, perhaps you were in a grocery store one day when you tripped and fell across a pool of water. There was no "wet" sign in sight and you seriously injured your leg. The discomfort lasted for a long time and while you were struggling to recover you couldn't work your job as a line cook because standing for long shifts put too much pressure on your injured knee.

This is definitely a time when you would have benefited by talking with an attorney. The lawyer would have been able to explain your rights and show you how to gather your evidence to file a lawsuit. It's so much easier to get legal counsel when your attorney is on retainer. You won't have to "eat" instances like this one anymore.

Retaining A Lawyer Puts You At The Front Of The Line

A personal injury attorney who has a history of success is more than likely going to be a very busy person. As much as you would like to meet with them it's hard to do that when you haven't already established a relationship. 

Retaining an attorney means you get placed at the front of the line. When something happens, all you'll have to do is pick up the phone and you should be able to get the help you need in a hurry.

Having a lawyer on retainer really gives you a sense of confidence. You will always be aware of the special relationship you have with a legal professional who has your back.   


15 June 2019