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Passed Over Because Of Discrimination? Here's What To Do

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You really thought you had a chance at that promotion. You've done everything right as far as you know and yet you still came up short. While this could happen for a variety of reasons, the rejection could especially sting if you later find out that you were turned down because of discrimination. But if this sounds like your situation, you should know that you do have options available to you. Here's what to do after getting passed over for a promotion or losing a job because of discrimination.

Make the Company Explain Itself But Remain Calm

First, you should talk to your boss or someone else involved in the process at your company and get an explanation for what has happened. The key here is that not many companies or bosses are dumb enough to admit to discrimination, so they will likely have some other reason for passing you over or letting you go. You need to give these people a chance to explain themselves, and you also need to remain calm. Let them have their say, and state your own objections in a professional manner.

Document What Really Happened

After the initial explanation is offered, it's time to play detective. Did you find out that someone made specific comments about you that could be viewed as discriminatory? Write down the date and time of the comments and the exact words that were said. The names of any witnesses could also prove helpful.

In some cases though, it might not be a blatant incident. But you might have quite a few smaller incidents that happened in the past that could start to form a pattern over time. That's why you should always create your own documentation anytime something like this happens in the workplace, ideally long before you even applied for a promotion. Maybe someone made a comment about your attire or body or perhaps someone told a joke that made you uncomfortable. Make a note of these things whenever they happen.

Hire Legal Help

You could try going to your company's HR department, but you should know that this department is there to protect the company just as much as it's there to help you. For best results, you need someone who is on your side and your side alone. An attorney who offers job discrimination law services will be able to review your case and steer you towards the next steps you should take.  


17 July 2019