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4 Tricks For Navigating Divorce

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Marriage is not always the fairy tale you imagine it will be. For many couples, divorce is inevitable. Ending a marriage is not an easy process emotionally, but it can also be challenging physically and financially, too. If you are considering a divorce, securing legal help is imperative. Not only will a lawyer help you address your needs and concerns, but the professionals will also help you navigate the physical, emotional, and financial elements of ending the marriage in a comfortable, fair, and legal manner. This guide will give you a few important divorce tips and tricks to know.

Track Your Spouse's Moves

If you are considering filing for divorce, now is the time to start paying attention to what your spouse is doing. This does not necessarily mean you should hire a private investigator or follow your spouse, but you do need to pay attention to what they do, especially when it comes to your money and assets.

Document any withdrawals from shared bank or credit card accounts. Also, pay attention to any big purchases made on credit cards. Make copies of bank and credit card statements and highlight charges that you believe could implement a cheating spouse. Charges to hotel rooms, flower companies, or even other unexplained purchases from stores you normally do not shop at may all be cause for concern.

Don't Hide Your Own Property or Assets

You would not want your spouse making large withdrawals to hide money, so you should avoid doing the same. Remember that hiding or not disclosing all of your assets or property during a divorce process could lead to legal consequences.

The law states that each spouse must disclose all assets and income, debt, and expenses under oath. If you fail to disclose this information in an attempt to hide assets, you are breaking the law.  While penalties vary from state to state, lying under oath could lead to expensive fines and even actual legal charges. Of course, if you are caught lying because you want to hide assets, your overall reputation will suffer in front of the judge.

Hire an Appraiser

It can also be beneficial to hire an appraiser to help determine and document the value of your assets and property. Because your assets will most likely need to be divided when you divorce, knowing the actual values can be helpful, making the process a lot easier.

Remember that all property is fair game in regards to your divorce, so do not discredit what your spouse may want. Real estate and vehicles should be valued by professionals. Also, if you have collectibles or valuables, such as artwork, jewelry, precious metals, or cryptocurrency, make sure your attorney has documents displaying the value of these assets.

Avoid Getting Emotional

Ending a relationship of any kind can be overwhelming, but ending a marital relationship where you and your spouse shared many years together can be even more difficult. No matter what the situation is or what has led to the divorce, it is important to leave the emotions out.

Many attorneys agree that you should think of the divorce as ending a business agreement instead of a personal relationship. This will ensure you do not let your feelings of anger, sadness, or jealousy affect your ability to make certain decisions.

Keeping your emotions in check will also help make the process easier on children. Even though you and your spouse may not be able to stay married, you can make the divorce a bit easier on yourself and your children by not getting too emotional when you are in front of them.

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25 September 2019