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What You Need To Do If You Have Been Charged With Possession Of Cannabis

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Even though more and more states are legalizing the medicinal use of cannabis and some are even legalizing recreational use of it, not all states are there just yet. Also, it is important to remember that even if you are in a state where it is legal to use cannabis for recreational purposes, it is still federally illegal. All of this is making it hard for people to trust when and where they can use cannabis unless they are taking the time to learn about the state and federal laws surrounding the use of and possession of cannabis.

If you happen to use cannabis, even if it was just the one time, and you have been caught and charged with a crime because of where you live, you will want to make sure that you are taking specific action. Here are some of the things that you will want to consider doing:

Contact A Lawyer

One of the very first things you will want to do when you are charged with possession of cannabis is to get in touch with a lawyer and retain their services. It is crucial that you are doing this right away because you will want your lawyer to have as much time as possible to prepare for your case that will be taken in front of a judge. When searching for a lawyer, you will want to specifically look for a cannabis law firm. This would be a law firm that has lawyers with a lot of experience tackling the sticky cannabis laws that their clients find themselves breaking.

Follow Your Lawyer's Advice

The advice your lawyer will give you will have a lot to do with how much cannabis you were caught with and whether this is your first offense or if the court system considers you to be a repeat offender. Your lawyer might suggest that you get records from your medical doctor if you were only caught with a little and you can prove that you have a medical condition that is often helped by the consumption of cannabis. If you were caught with a lot, you might be seen in the eyes of the court as a possible drug dealer. If you aren't, you will want to prepare to explain why you had so much. Getting friends, family, or even your pastor to write character letters on your behalf can be helpful. In these letters, your character will be discussed.

After reviewing the previously suggested tips, you should find that you feel much more prepared to take on the battle for your freedom and clean record. You do not want to allow a mistake with cannabis in a state that has not passed laws protecting those who use it. Get in touch with a cannabis law firm, and make sure that you are getting your story out there. You want to help bring to light why you were in possession of cannabis and why you should not be given a harsh punishment for it. After all, you could live right along the border of your state, where it is illegal, but your neighbor across the street is technically in another state and they can use cannabis legally.


24 February 2020