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3 Small Things You Can Do To Help Your Car Accident Claim

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Filing a claim involves a lot more than hiring a car accident lawyer and letting them go to work. Most of the biggest issues in a case will already be present before you've even had a chance to set up a consultation with an auto accident attorney. There are, however, three small things you can do in those early days to give your claim a better chance of success.

Accept or Seek Immediate Medical Assistance

Of all the things a car accident lawyer does not want to hear when a potential client discusses with a case, nothing compares to learning they didn't get medical help quickly. If a first responder asks to treat you at the scene of an incident, accept the care. If no care is provided at the scene, visit a doctor ASAP.

Why is this important? One of the simplest defenses in a car accident case is that the plaintiff's injuries weren't accurately recorded. You want to have a record of your medical state after the accident, and it should be as fresh as possible.

Break Out Your Cellphone Camera

This presumes that you are in good enough shape to do so at the time. Don't go out of your way to do something if you're worried you might incur further harm to do it.

However, if possible, make an effort to snap some photos of the scene. Wrecking crews, fire departments, and police are incredibly good at cleaning up roadways so the public can get back to using them. That means you might barely know an accident occurred at the site even 12 hours after it happened.

If you're in no condition to take photos, try to have a friend or family member do it. Ask someone at the scene to take pictures and send them to you if you have no other option.

Get Names

Suppose you spent a lot of time talking with a specific EMT. Get that person's name and ask where they're stationed. The same goes for all first responders, firefighters, and police officers you might interact with. If a doctor attends to you at the hospital, get their name, too.

In time, your auto accident attorney might need to interview witnesses. There's no testimony better than what comes from a professional at the scene of an incident. Likewise, your lawyer may need to ask these folks for reports, photos, test results, and other forms of supporting evidence.

To learn more, contact an auto accident attorney.


5 June 2020