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Here's What Might Happen If You Don't Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Being accused of any kind of crime is a big deal. It's something that, if you're found guilty, can impact your life in so many ways. If you've been arrested and are being accused of committing a crime, you want to make sure that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to advise you and help you present the best case possible. Don't assume that you'll be fine without legal help. Here's what might happen if you don't hire a criminal defense lawyer:

You May Have to Pay Hefty Fines

Many criminal convictions come with high fines. This can add up to a lot of money that you need to pay, especially if you're convicted of multiple charges. Without a criminal defense lawyer on your side, you may have to pay more fines.

You May Be Convicted of All Charges

If you're facing multiple charges, they can carry with them significant consequences. When you don't hire a criminal defense lawyer, you may be found guilty of all charges. When you do hire a lawyer, they may be able to successfully negotiate to eliminate some of the charges or to reduce your sentence.

Your Public Defender May Be Overworked and May Make Mistakes

If you're thinking of using a public defender instead of hiring your own criminal defense lawyer, you may not like the results. Many public defenders are overworked and have a big caseload. This can make it easier for mistakes to be made, and they may not be able to spend very much time at all on your case.

You May Be Unable to Find a Job

Depending on what you're being charged with and the results of your criminal case, you may end up being unable to find employment in the future. That's because severe criminal charges on your record do not look good to potential employers. Some charges, like felonies, can prevent you from working in certain fields or industries. It's best to hire a criminal defense lawyer so that you're able to defend yourself as well as possible so that you can minimize the chances of having a bad record that may make it impossible to get a good job.

As you can see, it's really best to contact a criminal defense lawyer if you're facing criminal charges. Don't hope for the best and do nothing because that may not result in the best outcome for you. 

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7 August 2020