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Things Just Got More Intense: Evaluating Your Car Accident Case

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Some vehicle collisions are, thankfully, minor. If you are unlucky enough to have been hit by a careless driver, however, you might find yourself in a far more dire situation. Everything about a serious accident with injuries calls for a heightened level of care. Read on to find out what separates a serious accident from one with a lower level of damages.

Damages and Your Compensation

When discussing car accidents, the word damage has several meanings. You might be thinking about the damage to your car or the damages to your body because of the injuries. While both of those things are damages in the legal sense, they are far from the complete list of damages to which you should be paid. Damages also vary with the seriousness of the accident with catastrophic and permanent injuries creating a super-high level of compensation for those that seek legal remedies.

Medical Damages

This is a broad category of damages and covers the cost of your medical care from the ambulance trip to rehabilitation. As you can imagine, medical care is not cheap. When your care calls for extensive surgery and long hospital stays, the cost can be extremely high. The other driver's insurer is responsible for paying the bills, no matter the cost. When you add up the amount of your medical care (and you should), you may be shocked. However, medical care is not the highest form of damage that you are owed in a serious accident.

Pain and Suffering

This form of damage is based, in most cases, on your medical expenses. The thing to keep in mind is that insurers won't pay you for this form of damage unless you speak to a personal injury lawyer and take legal action. It's worth doing so. This form of damage can equal anywhere from 1.5 to more than 5 times your medical expenses. For example, if your medical expenses total $150,000, your pain and suffering could add anywhere from $300,000 to $750,000 to that sum.

Future Costs

If you were unfortunate enough to have been permanently injured, you may be entitled to more than most after an accident. Speak to your lawyer about being paid for lost wages, lost career opportunities, loss of consortium, money to alter your home or buy a vehicle to accommodate your disabilities, and more. Along those same lines are future medical needs. If you need future surgeries or care, make sure you seek a lawyer's help so that your settlement includes everything you need. Speak to a car accident lawyer to learn more.


10 March 2021