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What Creates The Perfect Storm For An Accident Settlement?

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When accident victims take the settlement route, it can mean an easier way to be paid what they are owed. Not all cases will fit into the settlement scenario, though. Read more about what creates the perfect conditions for a fair settlement offer.

What a Settlement Means for Your Case

Accident victims can either settle their case or file a lawsuit and take the other driver to court. If settling is a possibility, it is favored over a court case because it's a lot faster and cheaper when you consider legal fees. However, not all cases can settle.

Making Them Make an Offer

The other driver's insurer probably wants to settle the case for the same reasons you do. That doesn't mean, though, that an offer high enough to consider is forthcoming. The following factors can have a considerable influence on your chances of being offered a good settlement:

Who Hit Who?

Fault must be clear before an offer can be considered. If you are at fault in the accident, even in a small way, you might not be offered an adequate settlement. Fault is usually determined by a combination of factors from a variety of sources:

  • The accident or police report prepared by one of the responding officers.
  • An investigation conducted by the insurance adjusters.
  • In some cases, accident reconstruction experts must be consulted.

Medical Treatment Costs

The severity of your injuries is the second most important indicator of a fair settlement. Unfortunately, you must be physically injured to be offered a settlement (or to have a case for court) when it comes to car accidents. Your injuries must be backed up by evidence and that means medical records. The more serious your injuries, the quicker the other side will offer you a settlement. However, that is when having a personal injury lawyer on your side is so important so that you can avoid settling for less than you need. For example, a quick settlement might mean you don't take into consideration your future medical needs.


The final factor that determines settlement possibilities is evidence of your damages. You should be ready to show things like:

  • Medical records, doctor's notes, receipts for medical expenses, etc.
  • Information to show lost wages.
  • Eyewitnesses to the accident and experts to testify about your injuries and future needs.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your accident and they will evaluate your case to determine your chances of a settlement. In many cases, the lawyer will send a demand letter to the other side demanding a settlement of a certain agreed-upon amount.

Contact an accident lawyer for more information.


10 December 2021