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Can You Sue Your Partner For Defamation When They Say Malicious Things During Divorce? Find Out

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Some couples might do many nasty things during a divorce. One of the most common is making unkind or untrue statements about their partner. They may do this to portray their partner in a bad light and get the upper hand in the case. Unfortunately, some things your partner says or does might permanently ruin your reputation. You can sue them for defamation if this happens, as you will learn in the following exposition.

Pursuing a Case of Defamation 

You must have sufficient evidence to prove that your partner has engaged in defamation. Without proof, the court may find that you are raising this issue to seek sympathy. As a result, the judge might dismiss your case without penalty to your partner. This is why it is important to put together a strong claim that proves beyond doubt that your partner said or did something harmful. An effective way to do this is by working with a family law attorney. They will assist you in getting the evidence needed to support your case. This goes towards proving that what your partner said has negatively impacted your employment, relationship with the community, or other aspects of your life. This way, you are more likely to get a favorable outcome in your case.

What You Have to Prove in Court

The judge will require you to prove certain facts to convince them to rule the case in your favor. For instance, you must prove that what your partner said about you was false. You also have to demonstrate that your spouse's statements and actions damaged your reputation or cast you in a negative light. The court will also expect you to present evidence showing that the defamation has caused financial, professional, social, or other damage. Fortunately, your attorney can help you gather the evidence needed to prove these facts. They will then argue your case in court to prevent the defamatory statements from causing you not to get your rightful share of marital assets or your desired time with your kids.

Defamatory statements can adversely affect your divorce and other aspects of your life after dissolving your marriage. Therefore, you may want to take legal action against your partner when they say vicious things about you. A family law attorney can prepare a claim for you and explain your position in court so that the judge can direct the appropriate legal remedy for the matter.

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25 October 2022