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Understanding The Top Causes Of Wrongful Death Cases And How An Attorney Can Help

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When a loved one passes away because of the negligence of another, it can be a challenging time for family and friends. Legal action may be necessary to bring closure or justice in these wrongful death cases. This post will help you understand the top causes of wrongful death cases and how a wrongful death lawyer can help. 

Medical Malpractice

When healthcare professionals make errors or act negligently, it can result in serious injury or death to patients. This can happen in many different contexts, from surgical errors to medication mistakes to misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a condition. 

A wrongful death attorney can help investigate medical malpractice cases and hold healthcare providers accountable for their actions. This may include gathering medical records, consulting with medical experts, and negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are another common cause of wrongful death cases. When a driver is negligent or reckless, they can cause serious harm to others on the road. This might include speeding, distracted driving, or other reckless behaviors.

Workplace Accidents

Employers are supposed to provide a safe working environment for their employees. You might be able to bring a wrongful death case if the workplace accident was the employer's fault. This might include cases where safety protocols, defective equipment, or inadequate training were not followed. 

Defective Products

Products that are defective or dangerous can cause serious injury or death, including medical devices, toys, appliances, or automobiles. A wrongful death attorney can help investigate product liability cases and hold manufacturers and distributors accountable for their negligence. They can work with expert witnesses to establish the defect or danger, gather evidence about the product's design or manufacturing process, and seek compensation.

Premises Liability

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions on their premises. Property owners can be held liable for accidents resulting in death when they fail to do so. This might include cases where a property owner failed to repair a dangerous condition like a broken staircase or warn visitors about a hazard like a slippery floor. 

Criminal Acts

When criminal acts result in the death of another person, the perpetrator can be held criminally and civilly liable for their actions. This might include cases like assault, battery, or murder. An attorney can help you hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions. This may involve working with law enforcement to gather evidence and build a case, seeking compensation for your loss through a civil lawsuit, and navigating the criminal justice system.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

When nursing homes fail to provide adequate care to their residents, it can result in death. This might include cases where residents were not provided with proper medical care, suffered from malnutrition or dehydration, or were subject to physical or emotional abuse. 

If you're unsure whether your loved one's death qualifies as a wrongful death case, contact a wrongful death lawyer to see how they can help. 


22 March 2023