Waiting Around For Your Trial? What To Know

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Being arrested and charged with a serious offense can be extremely stressful. For defendants that opt for a jury trial, the wait can begin to seem maddening. Preparation for a trial, regardless of the charges, can involve reams of paperwork and months of slow legal maneuvers. If you are waiting around for your trial to begin, it might be helpful to understand what your criminal defense lawyer is up to during the pretrial period.

13 May 2022

The Power Of Working With A Probate Lawyer

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Unfortunately, no one on earth can live forever. But, with careful planning, you can have some control over what happens when you die. In fact, that's exactly what probate lawyers assist people with. They can help clients make a plan for what will happen to their assets after they pass on. In addition to assisting with estate planning, they can also work with others in charge of a person's estate to ensure that debts are handled and that assets are distributed appropriately.

6 April 2022

Am I Entitled To Loss Of Consortium For A Wrongful Death Case?

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When your loved one has passed away due to the negligence of another party, you have every right to seek compensation for all the damages you have suffered. One example of damages you might pursue when your loved one has passed away is the loss of consortium. Understanding Loss of Consortium Loss of consortium is one form of damages you may be entitled to if you are a spouse and your loved one has passed away due to the negligence of another party.

1 March 2022

Facing A Medical Malpractice Claim? A Few Defense Options To Consider

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If you are facing a medical malpractice claim, you will need to build a defense against the claim if you feel that it is not accurate. To build a strong defense, you will need to work with a medical malpractice attorney. A medical malpractice attorney can help you build a strong defense. There are a few defense strategies that they may employ.  Defense Strategy #1: Pre-Existing Injury One of the first things that you and your attorney will want to look at is if the injury you are accused of in the claim is actually the result of a disease or illness that the patient had before.

21 January 2022