3 Things to Know if Stopped by Police for DUI Suspicion

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Not only is it dangerous to you and your vehicle, but driving while under the influence can lead to deadly accidents for others on the road. Due to these risks, police in all states are capable of investigating a driver they feel may be under the influence. If you are speeding, changing lanes erratically, or look suspicious in any way, police can pull you over to check if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

9 May 2017

Were You Injured? Know How to Validate Your Claim

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When you are injured due to your own negligence, there is not much you need to do to document your injury. You seek medical treatment and try to recover the best that you can. However, injuries that are caused by another person require you to prove that you were injured if you plan to seek compensation for your losses. These tips can help validate your claim that you were injured.

5 May 2017

The Dangers of Oil Rigs & Your Rights

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Working on an oil rig presents many dangers. The rig is pumping thousands of gallons of oil, which is highly flammable, from the depths of the ocean. At any point in time, there could be explosions, fires and toxic gases released into the station. Worst of all, there is no land for miles around and no boats for rescue. If you choose to work on an oil rig in the middle of an ocean, do you have any rights if you are injured?

2 May 2017

3 Guidelines For Commercial Litigation

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In order to be sure that you are making the most out of your business and the way that you operate, there comes a time that you need to come to grips with hiring a commercial litigation expert. Commercial litigation is necessary so that you are able to protect your business interests from circumstances that can create penalties and financial ruin if you are not careful. Take these tips in mind so that you are able to get the absolute most out of your company.

28 April 2017

Is it Against the Law For the U.S. Flag to Touch the Ground?

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The American government has several customs and laws in respect to its flag. If your flag touches the ground, it is against 4 U.S. Code ยง 8. This code speaks to the respect every U.S. citizen should show the flag of the United States. It is a general and permanent code of U.S. law. Will you actually get in trouble for a violation like allowing your flag to touch the ground?

26 April 2017

Three Things A Biological Father Needs To Do To Block Their Child's Adoption

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It's not biological mothers who determine whether to give up their children for adoption; the biological fathers have a say on the issue. Therefore, if you suspect that the biological mother of your child wants to give up the child for adoption, and you don't share their idea, there are measures you can take to block the adoption. First, you will need to do these three things: Establish Paternity You can't block a child's adoption if they aren't biologically yours.

25 April 2017

Keep These Things In Mind While Talking To An Insurance Adjuster

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In a typical car accident claim, the insurance adjuster plays a huge role in determining how fast your claim is settled and how much it is settled for. It's important to know how to talk to the adjuster so that you don't end up shooting yourself in the foot as far as your claim in concerned. Here are three things you should always remember when talking to an adjuster: Don't Let the Adjuster Record Your Conversation

25 April 2017